Who Are You? Who Are They?

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If you want to know who somebody truly is there is a litmus test that generally illustrates how they are as a person.

This very quick test usually indicates somebody's default position. Emotional reactions can easily be hidden behind a brave face and it isn't always obvious how somebody feels about a situation or verbal altercation. There maybe minor facial glitches, eye movements or subtle changes in body language but the reaction can be suppressed.

As the ancient proverb goes "when the shit hits the fan, your true colours show".

One thing that people struggle to hide their instinctive reaction from is physical pain.

This test can simply be performed by watching how someone reacts when they stub their toe, or burn themselves by accident.

Did they shout ouch aggressively? Did they over-dramatise it? Did they direct their pain elsewhere? Or did they stoically suppress any reaction?

These reactions give an insight into what is really going on inside someones emotional mind.

The drama queen

Somebody is crying out for attention... all the time. This is the "I've broken a nail, take me to hospital". It is the equivalent of the footballer that writhes around the pitch in pain after being lightly touched.

The Agressor

How much vigor was in their outburst? How much anger does this person hold back normally or are they generally quite aggressive?

The projector

“It was your fault I stubbed my toe!” "Who put this wall here?"

Somebody can’t accept something out of their control and seeks to project it onto someone else in the hope that they suffer instead.

The stoic

No song, no dance, just some acceptance, self soothing and getting on with it. Sometimes, it’s good to let it out guys!

These are just some brief generalisations of certain personality types and can differ depending on someone’s mood, setting or set.

Try to notice the quality of the reaction and context of the situation to gain a deeper understanding.

How do you react?


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