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Where Our Paths Cross

A short thought on connection between human beans…

We encounter many types of people in our lifetime. Some encounters last a few seconds and some a lifetime, yet each one shapes us. We can encounter the devil in our lovers, just as we can meet god in the eyes of a murderer.

We meet toxic people and learn amazing things about ourselves, just as we can admire altruistic people and refuse to see the dark side of it.

We meet fat people, lazy people, intelligent people, emotional people, calm people, professional people and crazy people and label them as suits our needs. Sometimes we step outside ourselves and feel compassion or admiration towards people.

Sometimes we step into their world through their stories and sometimes we let them into ours. Sometimes we just cross paths and pointlessly eye gaze for a feeling of familiarity.

Some show extroverted anger and some hide introverted sadness, yet we all know the wry smile of that place in between, called passive aggression.

We meet parts of ourselves in others, whether we feel the warm embrace of a loving person, or the scalding abuse of our internal disciplinarian. We chase them down, and run and hide.

To love everyone is a scary thought, yet to hate everyone does not cultivate self-love.

We partake in the barn dance of life, linking and releasing. We keep dancing.

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