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What is Power?

Power moves in a circular motion. We empower ourselves so that we can empower others, which further empowers us, in an endless circle. Some try to retain power, not realising that they are only accumulating a tumorous growth, like that of an over inflated bank account holding back the flowing river of the economy like a dam. Many fear to give away power and many fear to hold power, both without realising that there are power exchanges in every interaction.

How often do we seek power from another, whether in work, relationships or even from a stranger? How often do we overinvest our power to help the request of another, leaving ourselves depleted? How often do we refuse to empower another when it will barely make a dent in our resource? How often are we refused empowerment from a reasonable request and elicit an emotional response?

We elicit emotional responses to all these requests. This response disempowers you, much like a tax.

Many people in hierarchical structures do this using the metaphor of money, yet not all our interactions are centred around money. When someone is holding your potential energy and not empowering you, it is time to empower yourself. Yet remember that this power has come from somewhere and must be distributed where you believe it will be the most impactful. We don’t use this new found strength to bully others, but to help them move their furniture.

In writing these ideas it feels like I am bestowing this power onto the reader rather than keeping it for myself.

Notice when that person robs the room of its energy by becoming the centre of attention and how depleted you feel. Notice how empowering it is when you remove yourself from the situation, or change the situation through interruption. Notice how alive the room becomes when we empower everyone to take part, and who becomes power mad, and who rejects the responsibility of power.

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