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What is Connection?

Our connections are manifest through family, companies, communities and interest groups. Our portal into this world is through that of another human we call mother, coming from a place of unicity and embarking on a journey home. We seek to bridge the physical gap of our incarnation through the senses, but to morph our bodies would remove the song and dance of reconnecting.

We self-replicate to an increasing number, seeking create a more connections unwittingly seeking to escape connecting to ourselves. We connect through shared truth and sharing truth. Our self-perpetuated splitting increases opportunity to connect, but reduces it concurrently. Our collective conscious produces a hive of activity for each to play their part and surrounds the human with signifiers of this concept through the natural world. We only seek separateness in order to figure out a plan on how to return.

We are social animals. We seek oneness in terms of our communities, as well as oneness in integrating the separate parts of ourselves. Our task of integrating the many parts of the self, is as monumental as uniting the ideas of every person. We can learn how our ideas intersect with each other as we learn how they intersect with those of others. As a separate being we learn about ourselves through learning about others. The seemingly negative aspects of those around us have much to teach us about ourselves. It is not about blind acceptance of the values of others, but trying to understand why we are resistant to certain ideas of others and what is it that we fear.

Fear holds us back from connecting with parts of ourselves represented in others. But the ultimate fear is reconnecting through death. Life is a gift to experience a little slice of this journey home in every interaction through time and space. We attach and detach like line-dancers and sometimes get caught in loops with another. So just keep dancing until the music stops.

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