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The Journey

Our whole lives are spent in pursuit of something. To experience that something, to learn something, to overcome something and to transmute that something. Perhaps we must overcome many things, or perhaps a single thing. We often avoid confronting things and numb ourselves through intoxicants and distraction. This may turn into addiction when we become accustomed to compulsively ‘treat’ the symptoms rather than face the problem. Sometimes we try to fight it and sometimes we run away. The problem often requires turning to face the chaos rather than finding a structured solution within the comfort of our organised logic.

The sea covers a majority of our planet and has great, untouchable depths. It represents the mind and the unpredictable behaviour of it. We are usually safe from it on dry land, yet small waves come to us from the depths to show us something. If you decide to venture out to surf the waves you must face them and anticipate them before seeking to ride them. Sometimes they consume us and sometimes we flow with them. Sometimes there is a tsunami which comes to destroy a part of our organised mind and to invite a rebuilding.

The flow state is not when things come together, but when you are in harmony with the world around you. It is an intuition that we are on the correct path no matter how random it may seem. See where it goes.

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