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The Difficult Nature of Truth

Truth is love. Think of the person you are most honest with in your life and that is likely the person you love the most.

Why? Because they can accept the most outgoing version of yourself, they allow you to be seen, and still remain in your life no matter how difficult your truth is. Yet there is a deeper truth for you to uncover, to face yourself and to develop resources in how to share this truth. It is the reason that we occasionally use the word love in relation to a film, or painting or book, because we felt that this object reflected our own truth.

When we speak truth from inside it is sensed by another irrespective of the language used. It comes from a place deep inside your universe, deep inside the collective unconscious, and expressed through emotion. The calmness you talk with, the aggression you press the accelerator with, the pain that you sing with. It doesn’t just have to be telling someone how you feel, or what you think.

It sometimes scares some people and they distance themselves from you, and sometimes it invites people who become more attached to someone who understands truth and shares truth.

The vulnerability of truth without the security of self belief can be taken advantage of by the insecurity of others. This is fight or flight mode. They may argue or shoot you down, because they do not want to live in a world with this truth, or they cut you out for the same reason.

You may tell someone a secret which they cannot contain alone and they tell others. Maybe they think they are helping you, or maybe they are poking fun at you. Perhaps they think that you’re crazy, yet it is a truth which disturbs this person too much to hold alone. This is neither bad nor good, it is human nature. We are here to help each other, however the cat is let out of the bag.

Why is it important to be honest?

Many try to hold their sadness and become depressed, or hold in their anger and become physically affected. It becomes a burden that we alone cannot digest. Sharing these truths makes us light, yet it takes a strong person to contain these truths.

Truth is the simple way of breaking relationships which do not serve you and strengthening relationships that do. More importantly, being honest with yourself creates a deeper sense of self-love and self-esteem (once we’ve accepted our egotism).

Tell the truth.

Jungle Is Massive.

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