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The Devil Is Our Teacher

Life is flow of emotion, veiled by events, perceived by the self.

We often perceive emotions to be reactions to situations, environment and general state of mind. But with some thought the context becomes less relevant to the actual emotion and becomes something that our ego attaches the emotion to.

Emotions appear uninvited, like daydreams or spasms. Often, we seek to suppress or avoid the negative ones and embrace the positive ones. We treat them as dualistically as day and night, when they are merely navigational tools for our quest.

The gravitational force of the good, combined with the propulsion of the bad, are always there toing and froing, pushing us like a surfing instructor so that we can catch a wave, until we learn how to catch it ourselves. The ‘bad’ is our teacher and the ‘good’ is effortless flow. Our teachers are the ‘bad’ experiences which propel us to do amazing things. We suffer to grow. Ironically, many school teachers unknowingly embody this role as a strict disciplinarian, making student’s lives miserable, all the while preparing them for the difficulties that lie ahead. It is a propelling experience and one which is necessary for human development. Yes, we can feel that these experiences are the devil incarnate, whether it is a political venture gone wrong and decimated a society, an authoritarian teacher dealing with their own issues through projecting them onto their students, or illness. None have been consciously invited, but all require resolving in the the school of hard knocks.

People are not evil, actions are not evil, only our perception can define whether something is evil or not and that is where we learn, where we become stronger and where we earn power which we understand the value of.

The idea of non-duality is to not only accept that this force is part of the process but to appreciate the learning opportunity. This is not to say that the heinous actions of rapists, murderers and bullies are acceptable and should not be punished. Perhaps this is how these souls are inviting a traumatic experience into their own life? From these experiences and from the taste of trauma and pain, we build the strength to challenge evil forces, however they manifest.

How can you be sure that you are not doing the devil's bidding too?

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