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Life Is As Rich As You Allow - A Teaching From Ayahuasca

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A note to cynics, nihilists & pessimists, try to read this from a place of hearth, rather than a place of intellect.

In my first ayahuasca ceremony I learnt something. Surprised?

Except, the language in which I learnt it was felt rather than understood. It was like getting dressed, rather than thinking about why we wear clothes.

This experience showed me all my emotions, at once, times 1000, and even this felt like it was only scratching the surface.

It wasn’t a methodology, nor was it a message of hope and peace. It was an insight into the depth of human experience. It was a commandment to be brave and curious, for which the payoff is infinite so long as one does the work.

It was a message for those of us who believe they have understanding, ‘to know that we know nothing’.

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The All is Mind, the Universe is Mental. — The Kybalion

This does not mean all is manifested through thought, or understood by intellect. Mind is something expansive way beyond thought. It is infinite, yet accessible. Thought is just one manner in which we interpret experience.

Knowledge, logic and intellect may help us navigate the material plane. This keeps us alive, but what really brings us to life is digging deeper into the well of emotion. This is something we often scared to do, because we have been burned, struggle to contain emotions, or hold too much fear.


I learned to throw myself into the drama. This is not in the sense of making my life a soap opera, but to go into situations naked and vulnerable and to feel the energy of the room responding.

This teaching enabled me to begin facing my fears, shadow, and shame that have been a heavy burden, and allowed me to begin raising the bucket from the infinitely deep well of love.

Even if we start with small truths or acts of vulnerability, this can become a core practice of our being.

Hippie Stuff

It has brought my chakras to life, enabled these energy centres to be very powerful tools. These things which I previously understood as theoretical are very powerful.

The louder they get, the more we are able to listen to ourselves. The lust in the root chakra, the fear in the sacral chakra, the excitement in the solar plexus, and the love in the heart centre, all fill our body with a powerful energy when we are committed to living life, facing fears, feeling pain, and the warm embrace of love.


Of course there is still an ongoing conversation, and sometimes bargaining between mind and body, or soul and ego, and it can often be difficult, but with the strength to be vulnerable we learn about ourselves and penetrate new depths of love.

The ego is the experiencer, it is the brave soldier being commanded by the omniscient king we know as soul. It is the child being nurtured by the parent. It takes risks and learns from mistakes or indulges in the reward.

It requires faith.

Jungle Is Massive.

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