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Integration is not Just for Psychedelic Trips But All Life Events

What is integration?

We spend our entire lives doing it with meta-integration along the way. We are integrating into the great understanding, the big puzzle, god, or unicity.

We integrate into groups in which we feel a sense of belonging, yet no the ultimate sense of belonging.

The sperm integrates into the egg, the water integrates into the tree, the oxygen integrates into our bloodstream.

We integrate into the human population in birth, seeking to reintegrate into oneness in death.

We integrate into cities and nature. We integrate mind-blowing ideas or experiences into our pre-existing lives. Sometimes it’s easy, sometimes it’s tough.

We remove money from the economy only to reintegrate it in another place, time and form.

We villainise our dark side as people and as a culture. We see scary masks as evil, rather than fear and anger — emotions which have not yet been integrated.

Some of us separate from the fold. We challenge the status quo. It takes bravery to leave the containment of society to come back and try to integrate our discoveries to a system seeking to preserve itself.

Outliers are the divergent ants who go off at their own risk in search of new sources of nourishment, while the remaining ants continue monotonously supporting the queen and country. Both are noble pursuits, yet we all want a sense of belonging and individuality and to be an integral part of the human race.

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