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Feminism Is A Bastardised Symbol of Social Justice

Feminism is merely a symbol attached to a cultural attempt at restoring balance, aka social justice. Mostly, it is bastardised, weaponised, and used as a form of disempowerment rather than its more handsome cousin -empowerment.

Feminism is as much about the oppression of the divine feminine within men, as it is about the oppression of the divine masculine within women, and everything in between.

We are all human, yet divided into two sexes. This is a physical representation of duality, yet duality continues to be represented in everything. We seek balance but often allow our own insecurities to get in the way of finding balance and space for the dualistic existence.

To be overly aggressive is often referred to as toxic, and to shy away from confrontation could be considered cowardice. Nature loves courage, the balance between acknowledging the emotion, considering the situation and being brave enough to make a stand.

To say I’m a feminist is only half the story. To say I’m not an activist for social justice is only half the story. In cultures and situations that oppress the feminine, I act to restore balance. In desperate situations where all seems lost, a call to engage masculinity is made.

Feminism is a force which ironically requires active aggression and logic in order to temper the pre-existing dominant ‘masculinity’ which favoured the patriarchal imbalance of this culture. The rise of this movement was to create political balance, yet in order to find balance, the feminine side of the status quo must be explored. This has led to an increase in creativity, openness and sensitivity, and an enabling of self-expression for men. Of course, there has been a an overexpression in some cases, for instance, the ‘domesticated’ male and the ‘overly aggressive’ female.

The result of these developments, in conjunction with other phenomenon, has resulted in a culture of things like political correctness, victimhood and free distribution of pornography has culminated the repression of this aggression within a different collective — the domesticated male. These social controls have been implemented to prevent the toxic aggressions that a few men have not been tempered enough to control, but are affecting men by suppressing their natural aggression. In many cases this aggression is turned inwards in the most destructive of manners. This is the same reason that the feminist movement is fuelled by aggression, because their masculine aggression has been supressed on a larger scale, partially relieved only by intermittent micro-aggressions, distractive media and anti-depressants.

Equal rights do not exist. Power imbalances are everywhere and not always regarding masculinity or femininity. To hold a peaceful space, it can sometimes take aggression and sometimes requires non-violent communication.

There are no rules. It is about redefining our moral compass in every situation and acting with a hefty serving of imbalance in order to restore balance. Our intuition is guiding, but our ego does the heavy lifting.

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