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Economic Disaster, Police Brutality, Conspiracies, Lockdown Intravenously served by Media Platforms

Is everyone vexed by the police brutality, being forced to retreat into hiding, burgeoning economic disaster or fear of manipulation through conspiracy theories?

A battle has been ensuing for sometime between two largely unnoticed forces, which have been catalysed by recent events to create a growing crescendo felt around the world. But who are the players? Big business? Tech Giants? Governments? Mother Nature? Or are these just objects being fed to us in a growing paranoia?

It appears that in the wake of the pandemic, there has been a rise not only in conspiracy theories, but also a larger cult following of these. The reason is not necessarily that governments are withholding information on the virus, inconsistent lockdown rules or how they will navigate economic recovery, but that lack of information available. We are being dictated to by democratic governments on precautions to take, which are founded on limited understandings and information. Further fuel is being added to the fire through further large scale quantitative easing, creating more long term economic problems.

The conspiracy theories have as much weight and truth as the status quo and thus unsuspecting customers are falling into this trap. It is not to say that these theories are without basis because they highlight dichotomies and inequality in the world, but they are mostly a place to direct anger towards our trusted governments and their inability to appropriately deal with the situation, much like discovering that our father is in fact fallible! Instead of admitting a lack of knowing on both parts, a divergence is being created.

No one could possibly understand the depth of what is actually going on, between all the fuckery touted by the media of BLM, lockdown and government’s printing money. But one thing is for sure, this is modern day warfare on a biblical scale. It is not being fought between countries or religions and has a different battlefield than the traditional sense. This is a power struggle, funded by money and information to form psychological manipulations fed to the end-user through various media platforms.

Who is behind it?

It is a power grab, but by whom? Lizard people? The Illuminati? Those pesky squirrels from Rick & Morty? While these paranoia fuelled theory provides some insight, it is unlikely that there is a secret society which are seeking to control the global population. There are certainly individuals and small groups who are seeking power, whether intentionally or not and whether it is the typical ‘world domination’ model we have grown attached to through spy thrillers or something similar, it would be hard to pull off such a feat without word getting out. And while there is an abundantly clear correlation between the concentration of wealth and the proponents and supporters of causes like BLM, or the virtuosity of lockdown which for whatever reason controls the cadences of the mob from rising up against this ‘injustice’, there are many that see right through it. However, when word gets out, it is usually through some ‘tin-foil’ hat wearing conspiracy theorist, who soon after gets discredited for their evangelical ideals that fill people’s minds with fear of the ‘truth’.

In the global economy, there appears to be a continuation of the status quo in which stock markets (based on sentiment) have begun a rapid recovery since the start of the pandemic, yet millions have lost their jobs and businesses which should logically leave a big hole in the economy, yet greed is alive and well.

The Biritsh and US governments have tried to prevent an economic disaster through printing cash and dispersing it among the masses, as well as cheap loans for big businesses, yet it seems so recklessly stupid from an economic perspective it is almost as if they are trying to hide the ever increasing deficit and always looming collapse of the market, under yet another layer of immense debt so as to keep public order. Yet there must be an appreciation that this is a sensible reaction in an effort to prevent poverty and save lives in a system which is fundamentally flawed.

A sideshow

To distract the masses from a crumbling economic system, a repressing pandemic and general overall dissatisfaction with the status quo something is required to direct these frustrations towards.

Some of the pent up collective frustration (and there is a lot of unchecked frustration here) has been released through the aggressive black lives matter protests. These protests have very little to do with racism, they are yet another anti-establishment demonstration fuelled by the frustration from tyrannical imposition of lockdown. Police brutality and racist attacks are an extremely abhorrent regularity in the US yet the George Floyd case almost seems planted in order to ease that pressure cooker steam a little. Who knows where any trend comes from nowadays or how easily the public are manipulated through social media. Perhaps it was planted to prevent this aggression directed towards economic and political figures, or perhaps this is a collective response to recent events. It is yet another case of the power of the media platforms and its ability to manipulate the masses.

Yin / Yang

I propose that the war going on is beyond our comprehension and while the battles are being fought on many different fronts, whether it is nationalism, crony capitalism, rigged elections, psychedelic renaissance or whatever label these different things are given. Ultimately, there are two forces at play, unnoticed by humanity yet will continually play out in ever changing and more nuanced iterations in this morphogenetic journey. Good vs evil, yon vs yang and our inability to let these flow by choosing one side.

Unfortunately, without a morsel of physical evidence of these ideas all we can do is have faith in ourselves to make moral decisions based on evidence presented and intuition.

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