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Does Nature Communicate with Us?

Nature speaks to us. People talk using words, actions and noises. Animals talk using actions and noises. But how do plants, oceans and rocks communicate? If we listen to the waves of the ocean of the babbling of the brook, we hear no words, we see no recognisable symbols. If we watch the trees dance in the wind, shed its leaves or begin to rot, we chalk it up to reaction to the natural world around it.

What about the scientific research in which plants respond to different types of music, or positive speaking? Is it surprising that living organisms respond to the energy of their surroundings? This is encouraging. This must mean nature likes our music or the way we act and speak. Perhaps, we should change something if the plants are not happy, aside from the basics of enough sunlight and water.

We may be more closely connected to nature that you think, given that we are a part of nature. If we think about the sea as our unconscious mind, our source of energy, what lurks underneath our rippling façade then we may be on to something. When we sit by the sea and all is calm as the waves are lapping against the shore, in our mind, all is calm, we can relax. There is nothing to do but to embrace this calm as a reflection of our mind and vice versa. When the sea is tumultuous and energetic, we must grab our surfboard - we must go to work riding those waves. There is a powerful unconscious energy brewing inside you and nature is simply exhibiting this in your external world.

Communication with nature is as simple as that. It tells us when there is a storm brewing and when to take cover, to make hay while the sun shines and to pull up our socks when the wind picks up. Your weather app may tell you what you should wear outside, but the weather, the ocean and the hills dancing with crops tell you what sort of day YOU will have.

To negate this, to go against nature, is to try and surf when there are no waves because you had planned to. It is to hide away in bed when the waves are roaring or the sun is shining because you are stubborn.

While in Peru, I partook in a Huachuma (San Pedro) ceremony in the Pachatusan Mountains. This is where I discovered that nature does communicate with us, although I needed the plant to teach me this, and like the Babel fish translated the language of nature into a recognisable voice in my mind. Psychosis? Schizophrenic episode? Auditory hallucinations? Sure, we can label these things however our rational minds want, yet I now feel closer to nature, calmer when in nature and a better integrated human being because of this.

Nature gives us the opportunity to listen to our true voice, it is nurturing, non-judgemental and contains all the wisdom of the sun, the moon and everything these stars ever shone on. Listen to it, it is not telling you to do anything, it is just telling you what's up.

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02 set 2022

Well said ))))

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