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A Short Story About The Universe

Imagine that our universe is the result of a black hole sucking itself into itself in an infinite loop, ever increasing in velocity and chaos in order to stabilise itself. That the big bang, was also a big inversion from the nothingness and everything. It has manifested in such a novel way with things like time, space, attraction and the myriad of other such chaotic precepts.

With each moment and movement things become more novel, but only as a meme of something that has always existed in this open vacuum. Each flap of a butterfly’s wing, is as powerful as this thrashing infinity loop we call the universe.

We theorise about evolution, death and other such things about which we know nothing. The evidence is all around us, yet it changes just as we grasp it.

We have been gifted with the desert island paradox, in that we have everything we will ever need to survive, but we persistently seek ways in which to escape the island into the vast ocean of nothingness in search for more. We are stuck on the island for eternity until we work out how to escape. Knowledge is passed through the generations as our forms are only temporary, so we must teach the next generation of our self-replicating species.

Parts of us are concerned that we are using all the resources too quickly and beginning to make life difficult for future generations, and some of us believe that we must build rocket ships to jump to the next, more barren looking island.

Those concerned less with leaving the island in their physical embodiment are focussed on preparing for the great unknown and leaving breadcrumbs of their preparation for future iterations of themselves. Some bury their heads in the sand and have their resources stolen from them and some drown while they try to swim away by themselves. But we often forget to explore the island and its magical treasures while we have the opportunity.

Remember Why You’re Here.

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